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13422 Brogue Court Gainesville, VA 20155

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Who We Are 

Outside the Walls Ministry- Gainesville is a dedicated ministry that is ever-present for those who are disenfranchised, hopeless and helpless. Birthed out of the desire of Evangelist Lonnie Ford to be a beacon of hope to anyone who finds themselves on the path from which he has been redeemed; Outside the Walls Ministry-Gainesville is just that, a ministry that will leave the confines of walls to witness to others that hope is still alive.

While the Outside the Walls Ministry- Gainesville began as a street ministry it has evolved into a holistic ministry that addresses life management with special emphasis on spiritual, social and emotional needs. It will expand to provide limited shelter and eventually expand its services by opening transitional housing in Northern Virginia. Outside the Walls Ministry will provide two meals per day, hyperthermia prevention programs and assist homeless individuals to find a shelter or other available assistance to enable the individual to transition into a self-sufficient person.

The core value of this ministry is that anyone, no matter what the current situation may be, is capable of improving the quality of their life in incremental steps. This ministry has too often been in contact with those desiring to change, or even have begun to enter into a stage to change, but the inability to obtain interim, transitional housing has been a deterrent to continued success. The guidance of this program will be under the auspices of an eclectic mix of religious leaders, business leaders, subject matter experts and those who have overcome the challenges of mental illness or substance abuse to lead meaningful, fulfilling lives.

EIN: 27-2473597
Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)- 21116
United Way-8321